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Introducing the Vault

CJ Association Management (CJAM) has developed a purpose-built, customisable app to optimise membership organisations’ communications called The Vault.


With over three million available apps in circulation on Google Play, there aren’t many industries or niches that don’t currently benefit from the app market. The benefits of such software are undeniable. The user experience, accessibility, adaptability and engagement possibilities present untold opportunities for organisations and companies to reach out to their following on the go.


This has been the motivation for the digital team at CJAM to explore how this technology could transform the world of associations and non-profits by unlocking new avenues and routes to members that can be tailored to their exacting needs.


While every membership organisation is different, the core principles of growth, engagement and retention are always close to their heart. The Vault, provides organisations’ a brand new tool to increase the value members place in their membership by providing them with on-the-go access to essentials including events, resources, notifications and benefits.


The development of The Vault is set to transform the membership sector by bringing many core elements into the digital age in an easy to navigate, intuitive and lucrative manner. As a low-cost digital option that can transform the way your membership organisation operates for a very low cost and, in fact, saves you time and money in the long term.

Bespoke Apps for Membership Organisations

By creating The Vault, CJAM is offering its own clients a unique opportunity to be able to reach members quickly and easily on their phones or tablets. The Vault enables another valuable route to harness member engagement for e-shot campaigns, notifications, voting and a paperless option for conferences and exhibitions.  It is also available to external clients, who are looking for new ways to engage and converse with members using cost-effective, tried and tested, contemporary methods that will get results.


When planning and running any event, from networking lunches to three or four-day exhibitions and conferences, having an app gives you the organiser full control over all the information you need to give to your delegates. It means you can update your delegates on the go, with a digital show guide that gives them up-to-date access to timetables, speaker information, as well as giving them the ability to customise and plan their day to get the most from their attendance.  Furthermore, associations can monetise their event by unlocking sponsorship ‘areas’ within the app, and provide more flexible advertising options, with video and carousel options, and the ability to link externally to your sponsors’ websites or messaging.


An events app for a membership organisation adds true value to your events calendar by reducing print and distribution costs of brochures and flyers, and placing the event details and updates all in one space. Increasing membership by enabling delegates to register via the app will also help maximise your event as a means of growing your membership base.


Speakers and exhibitors wishing to distribute information, presentation materials and further resources can also do so via the events app, facilitating longer term relations and better ongoing networking opportunities for speakers and sponsors.

Member Engagement

Apps provide exceptional added value for members, by storing all information, resources and updates in one easy-to-reach location. Usually the majority of association members are key decision makers and company owners, making accessibility and convenience highly sought-after benefits, giving an app the edge over a website login or regular e-mail.


By using push notifications and reminders, the app can improve membership retention and facilitate growth by ensuring that existing members complete all required information to renew their membership.


The Vault is also the perfect platform to invite feedback and comment in the form of member polls and surveys that work well to help your members feel included in your decision making.

Membership Retention

As a rule of thumb, it is far more lucrative to maintain high membership retention rates than source new members. A membership app will enable you to continually update and remind your members about the many benefits available to them. This could be in the form of downloadable marketing materials, legal and HR resources, attendance of webinars and priority registration for events.


The ability to integrate payment and booking software will also facilitate fast, convenient payment processing and a robust booking system that makes for easier, quicker conversions.

Exceptional value

The misconception that an app is highly intricate and therefore expensive is no longer the case. What’s more, apps can produce further monetisation opportunities through advertising and reduce other costs incurred by time consuming paper and even internal digital communications. ​ In other words, the investment you make in an app will pay for itself.


CJAM has developed its own membership app, The Vault, so that associations don’t have to. By adapting software already in existence and applying a strong pre-existing knowledge of association requirements and digital user experience, we have developed a flexible, user-friendly app for our membership organisations and charities.


If you are interested in finding out more about CJAM’s bespoke association app, The Vault, then click here, email Jason via or call us on 01787 226995

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