International Forecourt Standards Forum

The challenge

With more than 90 members and four working groups interacting with professional bodies, other associations and financial institutions, the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) is a complex global association working to create common technology standards pertinent to the petroleum retailing industry. The association needed a completely new website which would be easy to navigate for both members and non-members wishing to access the wealth of technical information and resources available.

The work

CJAM started from scratch to build a website that meets user expectations and provides an easy to navigate, attractive and reliable interface for information, purchasing and document downloads.

Built into the site is a new member area with several layers of rights and privileges giving access to specific sections and pages for different membership types, via individual log-ins.

The extensive library of software tools, scripts and standards is archived in clear on-page expanding menus, which can also be found via the search tool. Many of the documents and protocols can be purchased using the e-commerce functionality created within the website.

Ongoing, CJAM hosts the IFSF website and manages the considerable site content, adding news and events, as well as updating meeting documentation, information sheets, bulletins and other references.