The Association of Manufacturers of Power Generating Systems

The challenge

The Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power Systems (AMPS) asked CJAM to grow the association membership, while providing a fresh view and outlook to its overall management.


The work

Since February 2014, the CJAM team has used its in-depth knowledge of association management to increase membership of the association by 78%, equating to an additional 20 members per year. By adding value to the membership in a variety of ways, CJAM has succeeded in gaining greater member satisfaction and retention.

CJAM manages a variety of events on behalf of AMPS, including an awards dinner and an exhibition day, as well as a members conference held on a separate date. When CJAM started working with the association, the members conference was attended by fewer than 150 delegates. In 2017 CJAM arranged AMPS’ biggest conference ever, with upwards of 200 attendees and a sell-out awards night.

Member engagement has expanded to encompass networking and regular communications. An exhibition afternoon, introduced by CJAM as part of its networking initiative, allows invited guests including consultants and business executives to provide more informed interaction within the industry.

The exhibition afternoon, members conference and the awards dinner are all managed by CJAM to great acclaim.