Tyre Recovery Association

The Challenge

CJAM has worked with the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) since 2009 providing membership, accounts and secretariat services.

The Work

Since then, its team of tyre industry marketing specialists have also devised and executed numerous national marketing campaigns to support the TRA’s business objectives.

Most recently, a Responsible Retailing initiative has been introduced to recognise TRA members and tyre retailers who guarantee that all tyres collected and recycled are disposed or reused in an environmentally friendly manner. The challenge was to create a suite of marketing materials to promote the best practice scheme alongside a brand new website.

Materials included a Duty of Care for tyre retailers, as well as a circular economy diagram, a checklist showing whether a tyre collector is regulated and operating legally, with all assets available in print and downloadable formats.

The new website and Responsible Retailing campaign were unveiled at the National Tyre Distributors’ Association Conference in front of 6oo leading industry experts.