UK Psychological Trauma Society

The challenge

The UK Psychological Trauma Society provides a forum for multi-disciplinary professionals working in psychotrauma to share relevant knowledge and ideas. The society’s Executive Committee were finding it increasingly time-consuming to manage the volume of work required to run the association alongside their professional careers.

The work

As a professional association and membership management outsourcing company, CJAM quickly identified the areas that UKPTS needed to increase and retain membership, make time and cost savings, and add value to membership.

We started working with UKPTS in October 2016, providing secretariat services for the Board, Executive Committee and regional meetings plus the management of day-to-day requests, board and AGM notices, agendas and minute-taking.

Financial management by CJAM is provided in the form of annual accounts, monthly updates, invoicing and budget management allowing the board to concentrate on strategy.

At UKPTS conferences, CJAM assists with venue management, accommodation sourcing, contract negotiation and on-the-day support. Promoting these events involves the team in creating marketing materials and programmes, liaising with presenters and keynote speakers.

To facilitate member management, CJAM is immersed in supporting multiple membership registrations and invoicing, managing membership lists and enquiries and member communications and creating streamlined processes and procedures bespoke to the society.

Ongoing, UKPTS is also receiving business support for managing professional development processes and website management.