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IFSF conference

Case Study: Beyond Forecourt – A Success Story from the IFSF Conference 2023

CJ Association Management worked in partnership with the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) to organise and launch their 30-year anniversary in November of 2023.From orchestrating the event’s logistics to curating an impactful program, CJAM ensured a seamless experience for attendees, shaping the conference into a resounding success.


Inviting delegates from four corners of the globe, and renowned names in the industry, we had to ensure that the two-day event represented the quality and the vision of the association. From branding and communications to dressing the venue, attention to detail was paramount.

Venue: Old Trafford
Delegates: 100 


Event management
Web development
Membership management

Key Themes and Highlights

The conference addressed the transformative changes in the fuels retail world, discussing the shift to alternative fuels and the evolution of convenience stores with modern technologies

Speakers explored strategies to future-proof fuel and convenience retail technology solutions. CJAM played a vital role in the seamless execution of discussions on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and cloud-based systems, positioning the event as a hub for technological innovation.

A Packed Programme

Hosted at the world renowned Old Trafford, the programme invited global speakers to uncover the hot topics in the fuel and forecourt industry, consolidating 30 years of the association and lifting the lid on the future of fuel innovation.

Networking and Collaboration

CJAM created an interactive and dynamic space for networking and collaboration. Attendees engaged in vibrant discussions, forged new partnerships, and exchanged ideas during workshops and networking sessions, contributing to the conference’s success as a knowledge-sharing platform.

Gala Dinner & Stadium Tour

From coordinating the menu and collating dietary requirements, CJAM worked with the venue to deliver an exceptional gala dinner, bringing together some of the big players in the fuel and forecourt industry.

We also enabled guests to take part in a stadium tour of the iconic venue, to create memorable experiences, driving membership value and injecting fun and curiosity into the 2-day affair.

The IFSF Conference 2023 was a testament to CJAM’s commitment to excellence in event management. As we look ahead, the insights shared, partnerships formed, and collaborative spirit fostered during the conference will undoubtedly steer the fuel industry toward a more efficient, innovative, and environmentally conscious future.

Post Event & Results

CJAM managed all the communications and updates on the day, and also coordinated and provided a full edit of the presentations for delegates who wished to revisit certain subjects.

The event was a sell out, including all sponsorship packages and delegate places, creating a strong and important revenue stream for the association.

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