Sharing best practice – round up

David Hopkins, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Don’t underestimate the value of natural interaction: Two vehicles that work well in terms of the idea of sharing have been the physical hub model – i.e. where an organisation has created a shared space that charities can work out of, and the natural interaction that evolves through conversation and partnerships.

It’s important to bring charities together to share war stories, swap ideas and hear from others about new approaches. My experience has been that the value of these events – as a grant maker and as a participant – far outstrips the impact of newsletters, guidance notes, case studies as a means of stimulating new approaches.


The benefits of association management

Running a busy association or membership organisation is both highly challenging and rewarding. Outsourcing all or just some of the many different activities involved to experienced association management professionals can pay dividends by freeing you up to focus on really driving your organisation forward.