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Britain is open for business – now let’s scale it up

Jules looks at how the UK can help start-ups build on their potential and scale up to the next level.

British business is presently treading a fruitful path. Financial figures from the US reveal that the UK economy – with 2.6% GDP growth in 2014 to the US’s 2.4% – is now the fastest growing amongst developed nations.

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British Businesses Must Step Up Their Cybersecurity Measures

Companies across the UK could be leaving themselves open to cyber attacks, reports TechWeek Europe, with half of businesses vulnerable to being hacked in less than 30 minutes. This is the alarming assessment of data security specialist Walter Rossi, who has warned that the majority of businesses are simply not prepared for cyber security attacks and are don’t have adequate measures in place to guard against them.

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Freight Association Welcomes Reorganisation of UK Road Network Management

The UK government has outlined its plans to reform the Highways Agency and introduce a long term vision for improving the UK road network by creating new ‘watchdog’ and ‘monitor’ bodies that will together aim to better the performance of England’s motorways and major roads, something which will impact on road haulage interests. The move has been welcomed the Freight Transport Association (FTA) which also calls for all party support of these road reform proposals.

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