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British Businesses Must Step Up Their Cybersecurity Measures

Companies across the UK could be leaving themselves open to cyber attacks, reports TechWeek Europe, with half of businesses vulnerable to being hacked in less than 30 minutes. This is the alarming assessment of data security specialist Walter Rossi, who has warned that the majority of businesses are simply not prepared for cyber security attacks and are don’t have adequate measures in place to guard against them.

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How Patent Box legislation can help businesses

Corporation tax rates for large companies are coming down to match the 20 per cent rate for profits under £300,000. However, the new Patent Box legislation could allow your company to claim an even lower rate, 10 per cent, if those profits are generated from the use of patents.

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The EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie Law deadline of May 26th is upon us, all websites must conform to the EU Cookie Law directive. As you may know, cookies are small files stored on a user’s computer by the browser when they visit a website, and can be used to log pages visited or track user browsing patterns.
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