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The EU Cookie Law

The EU Cookie Law deadline of May 26th is upon us, all websites must conform to the EU Cookie Law directive. As you may know, cookies are small files stored on a user’s computer by the browser when they visit a website, and can be used to log pages visited or track user browsing patterns. The EU is keen to ensure that commercial websites respect user privacy and do not track their movements too closely. The new law requires websites to gain consent from visitors in order to store or receive any information on a computer or other web devices. After May 26th 2012, if a business is not compliant, or is not visibly working towards compliance, it will run the risk of enforcement action and a possible fine of up to £500,000.

In order to comply, companies should consult their web developers to ensure their websites do not create cookies or offer an option for the user to accept cookies. A clear privacy policy should also be created to explain which data cookies the website collects, and how the company will use the data.

We hope is helpful. Further information on the new cookie regulations can be found at: ICO

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