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CJAM’s social media predictions for 2013

Social media is an indispensable channel to communicate with customers and stakeholders, and used effectively, can help generate sales enquiries, raise your profile and establish strong relationships with existing customers. With many social media predictions circulating for the New Year, our resident social media expert Courtney adds her own to the mix.

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Measuring the value of social media

Monitoring social media campaigns is vital to managing reputation and gaining meaningful business and brand insights. How best to measure the value of these campaigns is a hotly debated subject among PR and marketing professionals, particularly when it comes to securing support from senior management. Defining clear business and marketing objectives is therefore essential, as is gathering smart data to demonstrate positive outcomes.

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Social media encourages interaction among members

Social media is fast becoming one of the most important forms of sparking interaction among members. The greater the opportunity for members to share information and best practice, the more value they derive from their membership. We are consistently noting a strong interest in association LinkedIn groups, as professionals embrace the concept of sharing and discussing ideas and challenges more openly. Meanwhile, Twitter remains an important means for disseminating news, valuable tips and advice.

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Charities embrace social media to engage donors

Charities are increasingly embracing social media as a means of reaching out to new and existing donors. While UK charity shops are experiencing record profits, with reported takings up £34m year on year, more traditional fundraising methods have typically suffered during the recession, leading charitable organisations to seek alternative methods of raising money. The answer, reports the Institute of Philanthropy , is social media, which is fast becoming an essential tool for securing donations.

Charities throughout the country are busy tweeting, blogging and creating Facebook apps and social media games, including the RSPCA, Dyslexia Action and our very own J’s Hospice in Essex.

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