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New government measures announced to help small companies grow

Backing Small Business

The government has announced further plans to help small and medium-sized businesses to flourish and to encourage entrepreneurship.  CJAM specialise in outsourcing to support SMEs contact our management team to find out more.

Set out within the Backing Small Business report, released on 1 November, are six steps to support small businesses:

–  Improving access to finance

–  Opening up government procurement and ensuring prompt payment

–  Supporting those starting a business

–  Making sure competition framework helps new companies

–  Providing targeted support to those that have high-growth potential

–  Ensuring that the government is deliberately reoriented towards their needs


Other measures include targeted help for businesses with high-growth potential, such as those in the energy, digital and sustainability sectors. A network of growth hubs will be established to provide these businesses with specialist support to help them grow. More than £200 million will also be invested in a network of elite Technology and Innovation Centres to drive innovation and the commercialisation of new technology and ideas.

In the weeks and months ahead the government will further develop policies that continue to turn strategy into action.

In addition, the Prime Minister has appointed an Enterprise Adviser to write a report on what more that government can do to help smaller enterprises and start-ups to prosper.

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