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Tyre Safety Month campaign

CJAM launches Tyre Safety Month

October is Tyre Safety Month, and CJAM works in partnership with TyreSafe, the leading UK tyre safety charity, to coordinate, create and distribute a range of marketing and campaign materials to drive home core tyre safety messages and drive behaviour change. 
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CJAM kicks of five day virtual conference

CJAM launches five-day conference

Conference season is truly hotting up and this week we are managing two global conferences, the first commencing the morning and running across five days, with 25 speaker sessions, breakout rooms, networking sessions and panel discussions.  The event has attracted hundreds of professional delegates looking to explore and unpick the hottest topics and biggest questions in their field.
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Time for a rebrand?

Association branding is more than just a logo set. It covers members, committees, events and more. It's important to intermittently take stock of your branding and consider how it is evolving.
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