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New ‘Solutions for Business’ portfolio refocused on growth

The Government is launching a new portfolio of products today to help businesses and support growth in the economy.

The new Solutions for Business (SfB) package is simpler, making it easier to understand and accessible to companies.

There are 13 products designed to help businesses identify and overcome key challenges as they grow and develop. It will target activities where a Government lead is required, such as providing access to strategic advice, helping companies reach international markets and supporting innovation.

Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk announced the 13 products at a North West Business Reception in Manchester.

Mr Prisk said:

“The new Solutions for Business portfolio has been designed to give businesses the help they need to expand and grow.

“We are moving away from centralised advice and focusing on targeted programmes. This streamlining is firmly based on developing those services which work, and which private providers do not offer. Securing economic growth is our central task and this step is part of our broad programme to free enterprise and help small firms prosper.”

The previous Solutions for Business portfolio contained 32 products, designed to help businesses at different stages of their development. The new portfolio is focussed on growth and targets only those areas where a Government lead is required.

The 13 products in the portfolio are:

• High Growth Coaching

• Helping Your Business Grow Internationally

• Manufacturing Advisory Service

• Designing Demand

• Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

• Networking for Innovation

• Collaborative Research and Development

• Grant for Research and Development

• Work Place Training, including Apprenticeships

• Improving Your Resource Efficiency

• Finance for Business

• Understanding Finance for Business

• Rural Development Programme for England Business Support

The Solutions for Business portfolio is part of a wider package of measures that Government is delivering to support business growth.

A new framework for business improvement was recently launched to give small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs the help they need to start and grow. The Government is improving how information is provided to businesses and a new mentoring network will be launched in June, which will give entrepreneurs and business people access to help from real business people.

Online business information is also being overhauled, bringing all the tools that people need into the new website.

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