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New plans to cut bureaucracy in Brussels

New plans to cut bureaucracy in Brussels and keep the UK on the front foot in Europe

Proactive and early engagement will be the key to cutting European bureaucracy under plans announced today by Business Minister Mark Prisk.

The three new ‘Operating Principles’ set out how the UK can exert early influence over legislation coming from the European Union. They aim to:

  • Strengthen early engagement in Brussels, especially before the European Commission formally brings forward proposals for legislation when the scope for influencing final outcomes is greatest
  • Put evidence at the heart of the Government’s approach to negotiating EU proposals
  • Hold the European Commission, Council and Parliament to account on the commitments they have already made on regulating only when absolutely necessary and assessing the costs and benefits of new legislation before proposing or agreeing to it.

 Minister for Business & Enterprise Mark Prisk said:

 “British businesses, civil society organisations and citizens are all affected by EU legislation. This Government is serious about getting to grips with the quantity and quality of rules coming out of Europe.

 “Only by engaging early with developing policy and, where necessary, trying to stop it before it is set in stone can we make sure that we can get the best outcome for our businesses.”

 These Operating Principles complete the Government’s ‘Guiding Principles for EU Legislation’ published last December, which set out how the Government will end the so-called gold-plating of EU law when implementing it in the UK.

The consolidated ‘Guiding Principles for EU legislation’ are available at:

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