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Intrepid adventurers attempt ultimate automotive challenge

Two adventurers are driving from Cape Town to London in a Fiat Panda to raise funds for Farm Africa, a charity tackling acute hunger in East Africa. Phil Young and Paul Brace will drive the Panda 1,000 miles a day in what could be considered the ultimate automotive challenge in a reasonably priced car! The city car, equipped with a standard 875cc engine, will make the journey in just ten days. If they succeed, the pair will create a new world record.

The previous record for this demanding journey was set 30 years ago by Brigadier John Hemsley, who completed the journey in a Range Rover (far more practical!) in 14 days. The Fiat Panda has been modified for the challenge, with changes including an extra 40-litre fuel tank, two spare wheels and stronger suspension. The rear seat has also been replaced with a foam mattress, where one person will sleep while the other drives and navigates.

Young and Brace are both seasoned adventurers, with 25 years’ driving experience in Africa, dating back to the Paris-Dakar rally in 1986. They won’t be accompanied by any support vehicles for the Cape Town to London journey, which crosses desert trails and dirt tracks on its way to London’s famous Marble Arch. The car will be fitted with a tracker to ensure that no speed limits are broken.

The great ‘Africa Record Run’ kicks off on 2nd February 2013. Best of luck from all of us here at CJAM guys! We hope your journey goes well!

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