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Trade association launched at LCV2013 to support UK e-mobility

A new trade association is being launched on 4th September at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event (LCV2013) to represent the interests of electric vehicle equipment suppliers.

The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE) includes founding members such as ABB, Charging Solutions, Chargemaster, and Elektromotive and is being supported by Cenex.

Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex and the newly appointed chairman of UK EVSE, said: ‘The broad purpose of the group is to provide strategic guidance and support to key stakeholders including charge point hosts, car companies, government and the EV motorist.

‘UK EVSE is committed to advancing the development of best practice and technical standards for chargers and associated network operation. UK EVSE will advise key stakeholders as to how best to support the development of UK e-mobility from an infrastructure provider perspective.’

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