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Membership Sector “Proceeding with Caution”

The latest PKF Littlejohn Survey on the membership sector, “Proceeding with Caution”, has just been released.
Some of the statistics quoted in the PKF Littlejohn report might best be described as sobering. For instance, the report questions the sustainability of existing membership packages. No organisation surveyed had raised their fees for a comparable year-on-year package of services in two years! In 2015, 26% of organisations surveyed claimed to offer more services for the same fee whilst 41% reported no change in fees or services offered.

Significant capital expenditure in the next two years is planned for only 25% of organisations participating in the survey. The most popular projects are property and technology investments. The report suggests that CRM/Website selection can be very expensive and very time consuming with a high risk of “getting it wrong”. This will not be welcome news for CRM vendors.

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