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CJAM blog post - LinkedIn Live and how to use it

LinkedIn Live & how to use it

LinkedIn Live originally launched last year for individual accounts. But now the features is available for Pages for the first time, which is exciting for businesses looking to connect with a network using live streaming on the professional social network. LinkedIn live broadcasters see seven times more reactions and get 24 times more comments than standard video users. Essentially, this feature could make a major impact on your company’s profile.

How to create a LinkedIn Live stream

First, you need approval from the platform. You can apply using the online form.
Once approved you will receive an email directing you to the approved online streaming platforms available.
Choose the one that meets your company’s needs and create an account.
Connect that service to your LinkedIn account.
From there you can log into your streaming tool and start streaming your live video.

Use a script or prompts, as you can expect to interact with your LinkedIn followers, and if possible, enlist the help of a colleague to help you field questions and respond in a timely and professional manner.

So what could associations use it for?

Q & As
Make the best of the added opportunity to interact in real time and answer direct questions from your followers. If you receive more questions than you can manage in one streaming session, set up a subsequent session to manage and respond.

LinkedIn Live is an exciting tool for associations and companies to enhance their virtual event offering, extending their content beyond their members to their followers. LinkedIn Live can help people share valuable content in ‘breakout rooms’ or talk directly to speakers and panelists.

Meet the team
LinkedIn Live is a great way to introduce team members to your followers, to provide crucial insight into the skillsets and goals of your employees, board or committee. Your team could participate in Q & As to add value by providing additional tips and specialist knowledge, share fun facts about themselves or demonstrate their role within the association.

Announce new services
Got a new service or product that adds member value? LinkedIn Live is a great place to discuss the product, highlight how it adds member value and answer any questions surrounding it.

Discuss industry issues
LinkedIn can be a very valuable place to make connections in your industry and establish yourself as an expert. Going live to discuss the trending topic of the day in your specific field can help you start conversations with other professionals and give you some credibility on a variety of relevant subjects.

Host industry experts
Use LinkedIn Live to place the valuable expertise and experience of your members or your board to help solidify your position in your industry. Using LinkedIn Live to interview them will provide great insight into the burning questions your followers and members have, enabling you to tailor further content to better meet their needs.

Member panels
Setting up a panel or focus group of your members using LinkedIn Live will demonstrate to other followers that you engage with your membership and tailor your offering accordingly. It will enable your chair or CEO to answer questions about the association, providing clarity and transparency about its goals. Encouraging further interaction from your members.

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