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CJAM Virtual Conference Management

The 20th Annual ABP Conference and Awards 

The Association of Business Psychology has just come to the end of its first ever virtual 20th Annual Conference and Awards.  Spanning a period of eleven days, the conference included a multitude of live-streamed keynote speakers,…

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CJAM SEO Project Management

CJAM services make SEO as easy as ABC

Imagine if bringing more visitors to your website could be done by simply identifying some keywords and filling your pages with engaging content.... This may simplify the process but is…

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CJAM Virtual Event Success

Quick-fire guide to virtual event success

This year, the world of virtual events has taken off and soared.  But with the threat of a saturated landscape and increasing workers experiencing ‘zoom fatigue’, how can you ensure your event stands out, and ultimately encourage sign ups and attendees?
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CJAM Launches Freshers’ Campaign

CJAM launches Freshers’ campaign

The marketing and membership teams at CJAM have been looking for new and appropriate ways of targeting and providing value for younger members, with Freshers’ week the first opportunity to…

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CJAM Staff Member Liz

CJAM appoints new Business Development Manager

CJAM is delighted to announce the arrival of Liz Williams and Business Development Manager, working alongside the marketing and communications team and with our account managers to identify opportunities and assist in gaining a strong understanding of how the membership sector has progressed during COVID.
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