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CJAM hosts bespoke webinar to upskill client’s members

On Friday, CJAM hosted a webinar tailored for the exacting needs of one of their clients, to help them add training aand value during the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar "Facebook for Small Businesses' provided insight and evidence-based advice about how to get the most from your Facebook profile - covering topics ranging from social proof and use of video through to advertising and the Facebook pixel.
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CJAM Hosts Successful Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference a Resounding Success

ODN Europe hosted its first ever Virtual Mini Conference on Friday 24 April. This was to replace their planned face to face conference which was due to be held that week at the Warwick Conference Centre.
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CJAM Membership Blog Social Proof

Social Proof and Membership

There is an increasing trend in the reliance and credibility of social proof and human interest pieces. In the membership sector, the importance of generating authentic and relatable content grows in importance as a means of conveying and communicating the benefits of your association in real-life circumstances.
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CJAM welcomes new Content Writer

Janine Danha has recently joined the CJAM team as Content Writer and will be responsible for writing effective sales copy and engaging content for all types of online and offline…

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COVID-19 help – streamline your resources and retain your members

Many membership organisations and associations will feel the pinch as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses across the United Kingdom are being directed to close their doors. For industries that rely on face-to-face trade, businesses will be looking for ways to reduce costs to survive in the current climate. That means trimming back additional costs and hunkering down to ride the wave.
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Supporting your members during lockdown

With uncertainty and growing concern about the lasting impact of these life-saving measures, it has never been more important for associations and membership organisations to communicate with their members about what support can be offered during these challenging weeks.
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