The benefits of public speaking

Professionals from all sectors are often called upon to speak at events. While it can be intimidating, public speaking is a highly valuable skill to possess, and those who learn to leverage it effectively will often establish themselves as experts or thought leaders, which in turn helps to generate new business leads and raise the profile of their organisation.

Pensions Auto Enrolment

From October 2012 the largest employers will have to comply with Pensions Auto Enrolment. Employers will have to identify eligible jobholders and advise them of the employer’s obligations under the legislation. The staging date for those with more modest workforces may be some years off. Staging dates for all employers can be found by visiting the link below.

Fundraising through iPads reaches new levels of sophistication

Raising funds for charity via iPads has hit the news pages again this summer as Fundraising Initiatives launched its new mobile-optimised, face-to-face fundraising solution to a packed audience of third sector professionals at the National Convention 2012. More than 2,000 delegates gathered to hear the latest in best practice techniques, with raising funds through iPads a hot topic of conversation.

How much does the voluntary sector contribute to employment – and where are these jobs located?

The third sector not only provides services and harnesses voluntary action, but also employs a growing number of people. There is growing interest, from government and elsewhere, in the contribution that voluntary organisations make to society and communities – and this includes their contribution to paid employment. New TSRC research has been examining this contribution, estimating the number and distribution of people working in the voluntary sector using data from the National Survey of Third Sector Organisations (NSTSO 2008) in England.

Measuring the value of social media

Monitoring social media campaigns is vital to managing reputation and gaining meaningful business and brand insights. How best to measure the value of these campaigns is a hotly debated subject among PR and marketing professionals, particularly when it comes to securing support from senior management. Defining clear business and marketing objectives is therefore essential, as is gathering smart data to demonstrate positive outcomes.

How can charities use Pinterest?

As the PR and marketing media continues its frenzied coverage of Pininterest, one of this year’s biggest social media success stories, we consider how the charity sector can make best use of the site to engage with their supporters. After all, surely a social media site that grew by 4,000% in its first six months shouldn’t be ignored.