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The benefits of association management

Running a busy association or membership organisation is both highly challenging and rewarding. Outsourcing all or just some of the many different activities involved to experienced association management professionals can pay dividends by freeing you up to focus on really driving your organisation forward. With six years’ experience of managing associations of all shapes and sizes across different industry sectors, CJAM is well placed to be your strategic association management partner.

We can help you to grow your membership, retain existing members for longer and deliver added value to members, all while helping you to save costs. Our excellent membership management, administration, marketing and events services provide you with the support you need to flourish.

Membership management

We have helped one of our clients grow his membership from 14 to 40 organisations over the past few years. We’ve done this through developing targeted membership engagement strategies, acting as an extended part of his team and helping to drive a dynamic programme of marketing and events.

With access to top notch membership software and tried and tested processes for statutory reporting and administering membership schemes, we have all the technology and practical knowledge you need for running a smooth membership programme, helping you to run your activities as efficiently as possible.

Marketing services

We provide a wide range of marketing services through our marketing arm, CJAM Group. Whether it’s PR, design, social media, digital marketing or advertising you need, we’ve got it covered. We helped a major road safety organisation achieve more than 100 press cuttings and a substantial £190,000 in equivalent advertising value through our PR activities in 2012, in support of its flagship campaign.

With a specialism in email marketing, we can help you reach your members regularly with relevant and interesting e-newsletters, helping to retain their interest and keep them engaged with your organisation. We can run the whole system for you, from design and distribution to monitoring and evaluation. Or we can train you on how to run it yourself. Our aim is always to be flexible and provide the solution that best fits your needs.

Following positive feedback and recommendations from our clients, we have become a member of the Recommended Agencies Register and have been shortlisted for a 2013 Recommended Agencies Register design award.

Management and administration

We have developed a strong and effective secretariat service over the past six years. Our staff have extensive knowledge of business and administration processes, and deliver precise, timely services across all aspects of payroll, tax, health and safety, employment law and Copyright and patent legislation.

Outsourcing important legal, technical and administrative matters to experienced association management professionals helps to ensure you comply with all the latest requirements as an organisation and an employer. Meanwhile, a robust secretariat can work wonders in running a tight ship, keeping costs low and importantly, ensuring the administration of your organisation runs like clockwork.

Event management

We specialise in running memorable, high impact events. With strong expertise in this field, we regularly run a wide variety of events, from annual trade industry dinners and award ceremonies to conferences, seminars, industry briefings and marketing campaign launches. We also run travel incentive schemes and arrange corporate entertainment and hospitality.

All our events are meticulously planned and delivered with energy and enthusiasm. Importantly, we make sure that events are tailored to help grow your membership and engage existing members. We focus on finding the best venues, and ensure that all the resources – including the all important food – supplied for the event is high quality. Similarly, we ensure that speakers deliver insightful and compelling content, offering practical advice to members. And we always seek feedback from members to ensure your next event is even better.

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