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Is it time to consider outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become essential to many businesses over the past 20 years, and particularly in recent times with employers often tending to favour outsourcing over engaging full-time staff. Associations typically outsource membership management, administration, marketing and accounting functions to specialists, freeing up in-house resource to develop strategy, plan for future events and address policy matters.

While the purpose of outsourcing has traditionally been to create greater efficiency, streamline operations and reduce costs, today’s businesses expect more from their outsourcing relationships: they want innovation, industry expertise, and solutions tailored to them. However, the majority of businesses are missing out on the opportunity to develop effective relationships with their outsourcing partners, with just 20% extracting the most value from their partnerships, according to a recent study by management consultancy Accenture and the London School of Economics.

CJAM works closely with associations to understand their business challenges and help deliver growth and membership retention. The team develops bespoke, cost effective programmes to offer maximum support, targeting the areas that deliver the greatest returns for both associations and members and enhancing membership value.

“Collaboration, strong expertise and a capable team are the key ingredients of delivering effective association management services,” comments Christine Joyce, Managing Director, TyreSafe. “We provide valuable support to in-house teams, often managing complete functions such as administration, events and marketing or accounting. Many of our association customers have outsourced to us for 12 years and are increasingly requesting advice on membership growth and retention strategy in addition to more traditional activities.”

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