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Outsourcing offers cost-effective means of growing a business

We read some interesting outsourcing news this week: a Bristol-based firm, Alago, is thriving while outsourcing every element of its business. The firm sells heated gloves for sport and leisure and has distributors in five countries, but employs just person – its founder Tony Curtis. He actively outsources everything from research and development through to design, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, accounting and of course marketing. Even the company address is virtual, and a telephone answering company responds to calls.

The principal reason for this progressive, entrepreneurial approach is that it is far more cost-effective. The company simply pays for the services it needs when it needs them, and sources experts to deal with every element, rather than employing a small team to cover every area. In this way, it stays nimble, saves valuable time and keeps overheads low.

With a growing number of professionals now offering their services on a contract or freelance basis, nearly every element of a business can now be outsourced. This shift in working patterns is uncovering major opportunities for businesses and associations keen to grow without the financial commitment of employing permanent staff.

The benefits of outsourcing association and membership needs speak for themselves,” explains Christine Joyce, Managing Director, CJAM Association Management. “We typically manage complete functions for associations, including administration, events, marketing and accounting. This frees in-house teams to concentrate on strategy development and policy matters, while the fundamental aspects of running an association or membership organisation are taken care of by experienced association management professionals.”

The best way forward when choosing an outsourcing provider is to select a company or individual based on their reputation. Recommendations are everything. Integrity is also highly important, particularly where sensitive information is concerned. CJAM works with a number of leading industry organisations and has a full appreciation of the importance of confidentiality, particularly where trade, industry or commercial matters are at stake.

The CJAM team develops bespoke, cost effective programmes that offer maximum support to clients, targeting the areas that deliver the greatest returns for both associations and members, while enhancing membership value.

“We work closely with associations to understand their business challenges and help deliver growth and membership retention,” continues Joyce. “We provide bespoke marketing, PR and event management services in addition to traditional membership services, while increasingly advising on membership growth and retention strategy.”

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