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CJAM website homepage

New CJAM website showcases digital expertise

CJAM’s new website has just gone live. Designed and built in-house, the new site demonstrates the company’s experience and proficiency in creating this crucial marketing tool.

CJAM is responsible for more than 20 client websites including management, SEO, hosting and security, with more currently in development. Other digital services for associations and charities include e-newsletters, e-marketing campaigns, social media planning and execution, app creation, online media buying, video and animatics.

Unique offering

The CJAM site is a colourful and contemporary expression of the leading Association Management company’s unique service offering – a team of outsourcing professionals specialising in full secretariat plus full service marketing.

With its easy navigation and clean design, the site offers visitors instant insight into how CJAM helps organisations grow and improve their efficiency. The launch of the new website is part of CJAM’s ongoing initiatives to provide quick and easy access to high quality information and advice for organisations seeking support.

New features on the site include case studies of challenges posed by clients and their successful outcomes plus profiles and photos of the CJAM team. The Home page provides an overview of CJAM and latest news as well as links to key pages detailing the services offered: Membership Management, Financial Management, Marketing Services and Events.

Expanding requirements

Christine Joyce, Managing Director of CJAM said: “CJAM has grown significantly in the past few years, with a larger team and clients who are expanding their requirements to encompass more of our broad range of skills and expertise.

“The new website reflects this growth and differentiates CJAM’s unique knowledge and understanding of the needs of our clients as well as its comprehensive business management. It complements our CJAM Group website, which details our extensive marketing services.”

Simon Knapp, Digital Director of CJAM, who led the project, said: “We’ve given the CJAM site a new look and feel which instantly highlights the company branding. The user-friendly design coupled with informative content mirrors the CJAM approach to business – straightforward, open and easy to work with.”

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