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Spring has nearly sprung

As we swiftly move into Spring, and you realise that January’s resolutions to make a change to your brand both online and offline still haven’t materialised, then now is the time to start your Spring, simply with 3 tips to spring clean your marketing.

Measure ROI

Measuring ROI is not only financially beneficial for your brand, but also offers customer feedback without really asking for it. Whether it’s boosted posts, PPC or a remarketing campaign, it’s important to see what’s working, and what you can improve on next month.
Key to this is making sure you are able to clearly identify the best and worst performing channels in Analytics. This will help you understand the key digital drivers for your business, and what delivers ROI for you.

You could be spending far too much than you actually need to on paid advertising, when you could then put that money into other channels, or producing higher quality content to push out on your social channels.

Understand what works for your brand

There is no point in looking at your favourite brand, and copying their marketing strategy; just because it works for them, does not mean it will definitely work for you. Knowing and understanding every aspect of your brand is one of the most important factors to getting ahead in 2018, with the competition increasing more and more every day. Understand what your audience cares about, and build authenticity around that.

Once you understand your brand, create clear brand messaging, goals and ambitions for the year ahead. Communicating this helps to build trust and a sense of security within your audience.

Discovering your brand messaging, testing this online and measuring your results via Analytics will help you to fully determine what works for you.

Quality over quantity

There is no point in pumping out content with no real sense of what it is helping your brand achieve in the long run. It is a waste of time and resource. By valuing meaningful interactions from your audience, you can focus on building relationships that matter, rather than obsessing over the numbers.

Spring forward

As always there has been a lot of speculation about what will be big in 2018, and what trends will hit our screens.

It’s easy to get caught up in a panic as to what your brand should be involved in, and what content you should be producing, but as Spring moves forward, if you follow our 3 key tips, your journey should become a lot smoother in the long run.

So, spring into action and if you would like a hand with content marketing, measuring your ROI or your social media content, give us a call on xxxxx and a member of our team would be happy to help!

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