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Will your association outsource this year?

If you haven’t looked into outsourcing recently, but frequently find yourself short on or wasting precious resources, then you may find it surprising to discover just how many options and opportunities there are when working with an Association Management company.

For decades, Association Management companies have been helping trade associations with their operations, but not all association professionals know exactly what an association management company is or the scope of services they can provide.

According to Richard Gott from Memberwise “there are over 8,000 membership organisations and associations based in the United Kingdom (with memberships of over 1,000 individuals/organisations). The figure for smaller organisations (including local sports clubs and societies) is likely to be far higher at approximately 50,000”.

Association Management companies provide association clients with resources including financial management, marketing, events and secretariat services, which means if your association experiences busy periods, staff shortages or needs technical resources and support with digital services, outsourcing could be the answer to grow your association whilst reducing in-house costs.


Key benefits include:

  • Complete customisation of staff and services
  • Specialist knowledge from Association Management team
  • Daily operation and long-term staff management
  • Unparalleled management practices, resources, and technology
  • Reduction of exposure to industry risks
  • Higher satisfaction levels among members derived from responsiveness and professionalism
  • Allowing board members to refocus priorities on strategic decisions, rather than daily operations
  • Innovation within strategic development
  • Ability to expand organisational capabilities without excessive obligations and overtime

Working with an Association Management company can enable an association to focus energy in pertinent aspects while handling the lingering operational obligations. If you would like to know more about our range of services, call a member of our team today on 01787226995.

We’re passionate about associations.

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