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NABAS Buy with Confidence

NABAS Launches National Awareness Campaign

The CJAM marketing team have been preparing to launch a national campaign on behalf of the National Association of Balloon Artists to raise awareness of the exemplary insurance and peace of mind provided by choosing to buy from their members. The campaign, which urges consumers to ‘buy with confidence’ highlights the importance of knowing your balloon and party supplier, to ensure your special occasions go without a hitch.

Many consumers may be unaware of the potential pitfalls that come from using an amateur or inexperienced balloon and party supplier. Industry gold standard insurer, Hiscox, cites incredible and catastrophic incidents including collapsing installations damaging swathes of brand-new cars and accidents with gases and equipment costing customers choosing uninsured or inadequately covered suppliers vast sums of money and putting health and safety at risk.

A rising number of self-taught start ups in the industry without the correct level of insurance could compromise consumer safety, with a potential for little or no industry-specific insurance and training and quality assurance that comes from choosing a NABAS member.

The campaign, which is set to be rolled out across the United Kingdom, comprises of a series of digital assets which members can customise to share on their own social media feeds, email correspondence and websites. By being distributed by NABAS and its many members, the campaign takes a united approach to demonstrating the many benefits to choosing a NABAS member for your next special occasion. These include both safety and quality standards, but most importantly the high insurance cover that delivers additional assurance to consumers. Members proudly sport the NABAS mark of excellence to showcase their demonstrable calibre and insurance level, with additional membership credentials that further reinforce why people should choose a NABAS member for their next event.

The latest set of digital assets have been created in collaboration with a specialist design team, and are fully customisable, conveying magical moments and special occasions that deserve the highest standard of balloon and party supplier.

The campaign will be implemented on Facebook, Instagram and on members’ own websites and in shop windows to help boost sales and attract new customers.

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