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Case study

Virtual events programme key in boosting membership

CJAM has been working closely with an association in the legal sector to help them recover from a dip in membership at the start of the pandemic, with outstanding results.

One of the key components of the client’s pre-Covid membership was their events calendar, held in prestigious locations with incredible speakers and access to discussion panels. The events also contributed to CPD allowance, providing incredible value and insightful training.

CJAM helped the client to move their lectures online, with assistance with communications, logistics and recruiting attendees who would subsequently be converted into full members. The virtual lectures now attract record numbers of delegates from across the world, placing the association on the map globally.

The association has also joined forces with  both Queens and Glasgow Universities to hold joint events, increasing their reach and forming new academic partnerships.

The events strategy was part of a wider initiative to address the member value proposition, identifying key areas of membership that were of most value and expanding on these in a bid to improve retention and drive growth.

The result was a complete recovery within 12 months of the membership numbers, PLUS additional new members including 13 individual, 3 academic and a new corporate member, further securing the association’s long term objective to overcome the affect of the pandemic and recruit new members.

Concurrently, CJAM has been working hard to  reduce costs and debts to put the client into a much better position.

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