Another stunning event, this time at Lloyds of London. Well attended, highly informative and with a packed programme and very happy delegates. All in another day's work for our #association #events team. 0 0
We're immersed in events season, managing conferences across the UK. From gala dinners in stunning settings, to training sessions with an incredible twist! #associationmanagement #events #associations 0 0
This weekend our #events team are in #Warwick managing a unique and lively annual conference for a client! #associations #associationmanagement 0 0
We're prepped and ready to manage a highly prestigious and groundbreaking event at the Royal Naval College this week. With a gala dinner and awards ceremony aboard the Cutty Sark, the team are hard at work putting the finishing touches in place! #events #associationmanagement 0 0
All packed up and ready to go for this year's #tyresafebriefing! #tyresafe #tsbriefing19 0 0