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How digital is growing

Who could have predicted, 15 or even 10 years ago, just how digital marketing would have such wide-reaching dominance in our lives?

At CJAM, our digital marketers are fully embracing this ever-growing and fast-paced sector on behalf of our association clients. They are constantly increasing their knowledge and expertise and using it to create award winning campaigns, interactive websites and engaging content.

In the first half of 2017, we had already built seven new websites for clients and ourselves, incorporating our broad marketing skills including copywriting, design and SEO. On top of this, CJAM manages several association websites ensuring content is up to date, as well as adding regular new content giving them peace of mind. We also host websites for associations, look after the technical side for them.

Content generation

Keeping websites fresh and engaging is a skill we pride ourselves on and our team members are constantly creating news posts, web updates and pages to keep the web spiders, and the human readers, interested. From January to July this year we completed no less than 1,067 new pieces of content across our client portfolio – and that’s a conservative estimate.

Our digital expertise also extends to creating moving images including videos and animations to support campaigns, provide testimonials or tell compelling stories. Design is all part of the service, too and e-newsletters have been particularly popular form of communication with 63 sent across 10 accounts – that’s more than ten a month.

At the same time, our social media gurus were working their magic across 24 accounts, posting an impressive 2,383 posts over the 26-week period with a mind-boggling 114.5m Facebook impressions.

For digital marketing advice for your association or charity, please contact CJAM.

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