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COVID-19 help – streamline your resources and retain your members

Many membership organisations and associations will feel the pinch as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses across the United Kingdom are being directed to close their doors. For industries that rely on face-to-face trade, businesses will be looking for ways to reduce costs to survive in the current climate. That means trimming back additional costs and hunkering down to ride the wave.

We want to help membership organisations save money and improve their efficiency by providing highly cost effective solutions that streamline their budget. We can also provide expert communication and financial management services to help associations offer their members support options that justify, beyond question, renewing their membership packages to help keep the sector supported and progressive during this challenging time.

Outsourcing can help associations retain members, capitalise on specialist membership communications expertise and save money on overheads including staffing, software packages, equipment, accountancy services and administrative costs.

What’s more, clients have access to a full service team looking to help future proof their association, ready to grow their membership when restrictions are lifted.

Many membership organisations rely on business owners and sector specialists to operate, and we understand that many of those individuals will also be working all hours to try and retain their customer base. Outsourcing can free up these individuals to not only devote more time to their own ventures, but focus on the specialist strategies required to provide optimum packages and services to their association’s members.

We are offering a range of specially priced packages for short and long term partnerships to help associations through this period and beyond. We provide specialist services including:

Membership support services
Marketing and communications
Digital and website strategy and management
Financial services
Governance and compliance

For a full list of available services or to speak to us about bespoke short, mid or long term partnerships, email

We’re part of your team, bringing expert agency services straight to your members.

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