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CJAM Blog - Member Engagement – Reviewing your Assets

Member Engagement – Reviewing your Assets

A Member Engagement Review looks at all current member engagement activity and assesses its efficacy, and even necessity in the context of the current situation. The process identifies areas where targets can be created to ensure member engagement improves in future activity. Your review can help you tackle individual processes but also address your member engagement strategy as a whole package.

Reviews should take place across all channels implemented currently, including digital and social platforms, events, seminars, member feedback and retention information.

Reviewing your digital assets

You will need to review your assets and determine the effectiveness of your website (or mobile apps), social platforms, business pages on directories and any other internal assets (such as; your email marketing, customer relationship management software (CRM) and customer databases). This will allow you to determine the levels of traffic, trust signals, usability, engagement, conversions and customer service.

This can be achieved by using a mix of:
¬ Visual assessments
¬ Quantitative analysis by using analytics packages (for your website), and within the dashboards of your advertising platforms and social media platforms
¬ Qualitative techniques, (such as surveys) often used to assess your creative messages and ads
¬ The use of specialist or channel-specific tools (both free and paid)

Digital actions away from your site

Some actions/conversions can also happen away from your site, most commonly on your social media channels. Ensure you are providing members who follow you on social with the opportunity to respond to qualitative information gathering (including surveys and polls) in the same way your email list is.

Track, collate and generate a current status report across your social channels and flag up posts or trends that worked, and those that didn’t, citing responses and engagement metrics and your reason.

You will need to review how easy it is for your members to communicate with you through your owned assets; such as your website and social media channels. This will include the features on your website, such as the prominence of phone numbers, social share buttons, online chat or chat bots etc. Many of these can be tagged and tracked using event tracking in Analytics, which will allow you to see how often they are used.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed your assets from a member engagement perspective, your association can feel confident that your reporting metrics strongly demonstrate how and why your members are interacting with your association on and offline to best form a robust strategy.

You can view the whole tool kit here


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