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CJAM delivers road safety campaign

CJAM launches leading national tyre safety campaign.

CJAM has launched a national campaign, heading up a universal road safety initiative to make drivers aware of important precautions and checks required before resuming driving after the COVID-19 lockdown.

The ‘Ready for the Road’ campaign addresses some of the common travel scenarios faced by most drivers including resuming their commute, visiting relatives and returning to leisure activities and days out.

The campaign leads a nationwide initiative by key road safety organisations to raise awareness of road safety components that drivers should adhere to. The campaign was launched to readdress key tyre safety messages and tyre safety checks within the context of resumed journeys as social distancing restrictions are relaxed and drivers are returning to the roads.

TyreSafe have involved senior representatives from other key road safety organisations and the police, and have enlisted the ongoing support and reinforcement from their members across the tyre manufacturing, fitting and distribution industry.
The integrated campaign spans digital and offline channels, targeting stakeholders and drivers alike, with designated materials developed for supporters to distribute on their channels respectively. It comprises of print and digital materials, video content and a designated hashtag. With an accompanying PR initiative and social media outreach, the campaign seeks to raise awareness of the dangers resulting from unchecked tyres that have deteriorated during periods of being parked.

The campaign culminated in a radio day where a representative from TyreSafe attended a series of scheduled interviews with national and local radio stations to extend the reach of the campaign into the millions nationwide, as Britain prepares to get #ReadyForTheRoad.

All materials developed by the CJAM marketing and design team are adaptable for supporters and different mediums, with emphasis always on consistency of message and ease of distribution.

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