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CJAM delivers tyre industry virtual event

CJAM launching a ‘virtual first’ for the tyre industry

In 24 hours, the events and marketing team at CJAM is set to launch the annual TyreSafe Briefing online for the first time.

The flagship event has previously taken place at St George’s Park and unites tyre safety supporters and key decision makers within the tyre industry for the launch of Tyre Safety Month, releasing a brand-new animated campaign with print and digital materials.

The two-hour event will host a series of acclaimed speakers, provide the latest updates and insights on current tyre and road safety initiatives and release exclusive research statistics on tread depth.

Delegates will be joined by representatives from Highways England, Driving for Better Business, National Fire Chief Council and other key advocates of tyre safety in a series of talks, Q and A sessions and the anticipated launch of the campaign.

The marketing and events team have worked collaboratively to prepare for the virtual event.  The event also marks a busy period for the marketing and communications department ahead of Tyre Safety Month, which hosts a key campaign to change behaviour and raise awareness of tyre safety, checking tyres and ensuring your tyres are roadworthy, in a bid to make roads safer.

Jason Simms, Association Director and TyreSafe Manager has been preparing for the event for several months, supported by the CJAM team to move the event online as one of a series of virtual conferences taking place between now and the end of the year.

Jason said “Taking the Briefing online has provided us with unequalled opportunity to reach further afield with our material, and whilst the Briefing is renowned for its sense of occasion and opportunity to network, we feel that the virtual equivalent will present new ways of connecting with the industry in challenging circumstances.”

The marketing team at CJAM are eagerly anticipating the response from supporters to the Tyre Safety Month campaign, which has been kept under lock and key until its official release.


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