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CJAM kicks of five day virtual conference

CJAM launches five-day conference

Conference season is truly hotting up and this week we are managing two global conferences, the first commencing the morning and running across five days, with 25 speaker sessions, breakout rooms, networking sessions and panel discussions.  The event has attracted hundreds of professional delegates looking to explore and unpick the hottest topics and biggest questions in their field.

Hosted on Hopin, the CJAM team has populated the platform with information and a dynamic programme, promoted the conference to members and the rest of the industry and helped to secure sponsors, ticket sales and AV logistics before, during and after the event.

CJAM will continue to provide ‘on site’ support across the entire week, whilst monitoring communications, assisting delegates and editing content to be available to ticket holders and members after the event.

Virtual conferences and digital networking have become a mainstay in the CJAM calendar, but hybrid and face-to-face conferences are beginning to make a tentative return to the schedule, with smaller scale training events and conferences seeing the team travel across the UK this month.

Our team now work confidently with a range of conference software and providers including Hoping, Remo, Whova and the more traditional Microsoft Teams and Zoom and can take care of all facets of association virtual conferences. From bespoke websites and booking portals through to custom marketing campaigns and sponsor recruitment.



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