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Keeping members in the loop

In the all important drive to engage with members and improve member retention, e-marketing is proving to be an essential tool. Keeping members informed of key activities, relevant legislation, industry events and of course, member benefits, is an efficient and cost effective way of reinforcing the value of membership. Additionally, as monitoring technologies become ever more sophisticated, the results of targeted e-newsletters can be precisely monitored, with every click-through accounted for, tracked and reported.

“Through regular and targeted e-newsletter campaigns, we have helped many UK associations increase their membership levels and build their relationships with members,” explains Christine Joyce, Managing Director, CJAM. “The BRPPA have increased their membership from 10 to 18 companies in 2 years, while leading tyre safety organisation TyreSafe has increased its membership from 14 to 35 in 3 years.”

With busy professionals reading emails on smartphones and iPads on the move, e-newsletters can be read anywhere at any time, providing associations with a golden opportunity to provide useful advice to members and package their news and event information in engaging soundbites. CJAM delivers a full e-newsletter service, from concept and design to tracking and analysis. Our creative team advises on best practice in enhancing the user experience, while our copywriters ensure your key messages are articulated effectively.

For further information or to discuss your e-newsletter requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01787 226995.

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