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membership grows after pandemic

Another incredible membership achievement

The CJAM membership account management team have been working closely with a client during an intense phase of first recovery, and then growth after the COVID-19 pandemic, with incredible results.

The client, having experienced a drop in membership numbers at the start of the pandemic, has not only recovered the 7% drop but has since recruited a further 8% in just six months, showing an overall growth of 15% and its highest ever membership number to date.

Furthermore, the CJAM membership team worked with the client to promote accreditation, converting five Associate member companies to Accredited members, accentuating the membership growth by increasing revenue and improving the credibility of the accreditation scheme.

Membership to this association is for companies, meaning each new member is extremely valuable to the association, growing its representation within the sector to now surpass its competitors and stamp its authority on the industry map.

CJAM provided support with membership services, website development, communications, accounts and governance to facilitate a restructure, streamlining the application and approval process, making the experience smoother for the client and the new member.

By having all aspects of the membership drive under one roof, CJAM was able to coordinate and closely monitor the evolving situation with membership numbers and respond with an effective recovery and growth plan.

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