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Membership growth infographic

CJAM client enjoys significant six-month membership growth

The CJAM membership and association management team worked on behalf of a client to reinvent and adjust the membership offering resulting in a 41% increase in six months.  The success of this membership drive was even more impressive in light of the impact of the pandemic on the industry in question, and happened without reducing membership prices.  The six-month increase means that in partnership with CJAM, the client’s membership has doubled in 18 months.

The team used a combination of digital marketing, smart account management and strategic assessment of the client’s member benefits to deliver an irresistible offering at very little cost.

By applying expertise in streamlining other elements of the account and negotiation with suppliers, CJAM was able to release budget that could be applied to improving their membership offering.  These improvements were also made after a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment of the current, identifying where members would find value, and which benefits were no longer as important.

CJAM implemented a comprehensive support and resource hub, offering the members access to legal documentation, templates, social media and digital marketing resources and printable assets to help them boost their own businesses and recognise the added value of joining the association.

CJAM also capitalised on the incredible sense of community amongst members on and offline to create self-appointed ambassadors offering mentorship and sharing their passion for their industry with other less experienced or newer members.

The marketing team created a series of digital campaigns that not only worked to promote and highlight membership benefits to members, but that also raised the profile of the association and its credibility amongst the general public, in a two-layered approach to increasing awareness of its position.  They also audited email and website content and communications to increase engagement- resulting in a 200% increase in web traffic in the past six months from all channels, including organic search, referral traffic and social media compared with the same period in 2020.

The in-house graphic design and digital marketing team created organic and paid social media campaigns alongside visual assets and posts that members could also deploy on their own channels, increasing the reach and impressions of posts two-fold.

During the first phase of the pandemic, CJAM went above and beyond to offer additional services to help bolster the client’s membership drive, and the outcome exceeded all expectations, and the client’s membership continues to emerge from a difficult 18 months bigger, better and stronger than ever.




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