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the benefits of outsourcing

Why outsourcing could be the answer for your association

Ever wondered if you could save time, money and focus on the matters most important to your business and your association? So many association key decision makers and board members can become overwhelmed and bogged down in balancing their own professional ventures with their obligations to their association, often with limited budget and even more limited time and knowledge. Outsourcing to a specialist association management company could be perfect to ensure the long term growth and success of both your members’ and boards’ businesses but the association itself.

Save money and grow

Outsourcing keeps costs down while helping your organisation to grow. Experienced association management professionals can help you to increase your membership, retain existing members for longer and deliver added value to members, avoiding the need to employ additional in-house staff. Services outsourced often include membership management, administration, marketing and events and are handled by experts in their field and in the membership sector, who understand the needs of associations and apply their knowledge to those needs.  

Attracting and retaining members

It can be extremely difficult to predict and react to changes in membership numbers, having to devote valuable resources to member churn. This can be particularly relevant to associations whose members are small companies who can function and grow without that association. Which is why your association may need expert support in developing member benefits and communications to entice new members and help keep existing ones.  In a tough, post-Covid economic climate it can also be difficult to motivate busy professionals to leave the office for industry events. Add the fierce competition among trade associations themselves to attract members, and the task of growing membership becomes even more challenging.

A specialist association management team will know exactly how to sell the positive benefits of joining to members and how to package the services available in a compelling way, significantly increasing the chances of industry members joining.

In the same way, a specialist team will be able to deliver a structured and engaging programme of interesting on and offline events and relevant content, helping members to see the value of their membership at every turn.

Saving employment costs

Appointing an outsourced secretariat can help to ensure that associations navigate busy periods efficiently, while running a lean, cost-effective in-house team

Juggling staffing levels to account for surges in activity can be challenging, so developing a good relationship with association management professionals can help to ensure that associations have the right help in place ahead of any peaks in activity, and save money or reallocate resources during quieter periods.

Improving efficiency and increasing output

A specialist association management company can help your association to adopt smarter processes that streamline your resources, incorporating new technologies and concepts.  Digital communication and connecting online are vital to ensure the longevity of your association, with new generations of potential members living a life largely in the digital space across most sectors.  Having an in house on and offline marketing function can be extremely expensive, and outsourcing to a non specialist marketing agency may mean you partner with a business who do not understand the complex and unique needs of the membership sector.

However, partnering with an association management company that offers marketing and communications support that resonates with potential members, stakeholders and current members is crucial in ensuring a strong, stable and engaging marketing presence.

Smooth transactions and accounting

Outsourcing membership administration and financial management to a specialist association management company can increase efficiency immeasurably.  Agency specialists will ensure their team are up to date with current legislation and governance, to ensure your association’s compliance, leaving you and the board or committees to focus on other business priorities and over arching strategy.

Part of the team

Experienced association management professionals will act as an extension to your team and help enhance your brand image by interacting positively with members.  Outsourcing membership management to an association management company means you can relax and know your members are in good hands.




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